Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Momma

On August 31, 1955, Elsie Arp gave birth to a little girl and named her Sharon. Sharon grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan and was a lovely girl with long golden locks of hair. Her life was not without trials; as a young child she had to endure the pain of living with an alcoholic father, and being shunned in her hometown for it. Despite these obstacles, Sharon went on to graduate from high school, leave the town of her youth and go on to get her nursing degree in Saskatoon. After this, she met a man named David and after a whirlwind courtship they were married and then had two children, Amanda and StePHen.
Sharon is my mother. Today is her 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! You are so amazing and I love you. I am so blessed to have a mom whom I can laugh with, talk with, and dream with. The past half century has been a better one on this crazy planet because my mom has been around for it. She has been there to kiss the boo-boos on her kids' knees, to comfort us when we've been hurt by life, to encourage us and remind us of her love and support, and to teach us the things that have made her life so worthwhile.
Again, Happy Birthday, Momma! You're the best!

Amanda Brown at 7:55 AM



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