Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chute Lake: A Weekend Retreat

To celebrate our third anniversary (which was actually over a month ago), we went to Chute Lake this weekend. We stayed in the same little cabin where we had our honeymoon and our first anniversary, so the place is wrought with memories. It was so nice to relax and enjoy some quality time with Steve. We got there Friday evening and after we had partially unpacked, Steve got the dirt bikes revved up and we went for a quick ride down some logging roads. I hadn't been on a dirt bike for a few years, and had a few rough starts (a.k.a. I mistook the throttle for the brake and sent the bike soaring into the ramp on the back of the trailer) but once we got zooming down the gravel roads I was fine. A nice, manageable hour-long ride down some open kind of ride. We went back to our cabin and curled up under the sleeping bags to watch a movie on the laptop, then we hit the hay.
The next morning, we slept in a bit, then Steve got the fire in the wood stove blazing and he fried up some bacon and eggs. This is always one of the highlights for him; he loves stoking the fire and feeling like a true pioneer getting his grub ready first thing in the morning. What I think he truly enjoys, however, is consuming a solid pound of bacon! Steve polished off half of it at breakfast and the other half as an AFTER DINNER SNACK. Oh, the injustice! He gorges himself on greasy pork products, and is as thin as a rail. If I, on the other hand, breathe a few too many times in a day, the scale goes up four pounds.

Here he is, inhaling the strips of greasy goodness.

After breakfast, we got on our dirtbiking gear and headed out for what was supposed to be a relatively short ride. I guess the word "relatively" is open to interpretation. We were out for over FIVE HOURS in the heat of the blazing sun! I was so tuckered out, being the beginner that I am, and had a few near emotional breakdowns when Steve tried to get me to go along some really tough, rocky trails. In the end, we made it home. It was fun, and I definitely became more comfortable on the bike, but in the future I hope to avoid such long excursions. My butt and my arms and my back and the palms of my hands are all aching today, because I was too tense while I was riding. You see though, I have good reason to be a fearful rider. I am the kind of person who, if she falls down or wipes out, snaps her bones, sprains her ligaments, and dislocates her ribs from her spine. I rarely fall and brush myself off with just a few bruises; I get seriously injured. So, I tend to be a little too cautious at times, when it comes to sports and anything that involves a motorized vehicle.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Steve and I take turns planning our anniversary getaways. This year it was dirtbiking and sleeping in a rustic cabin. Next year, it's my turn...I have a feeling it will involve some time at a spa, some relaxation on a beach, and having someone else cook for me and change my bed sheets. :)


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