Friday, August 19, 2005

No Vacancy

I am feeling scatter-brained, as though there is no room left in my mind for anything else to be processed in a rational manner. I don't know why I am feeling so fuzzy in the grey matter...I'm finding it hard to focus on the tasks at hand because my dumb head just starts thinking about all the other stuff I need to do. Dumb little things like: pit the 80 pounds of cherries Steve brought home from the Fruit Packers (we got them for free because they had fruit flies...I'm sure they'll be an excellent source of protein), vacuum the inch of dog hair off of our carpet, paint our entire house, clean out my car (I do this on an annual basis and the year's worth of Rolo fur, cookie crumbs, and empty Ice Cap cups is starting to irk me), finish the books I started this summer, update my blog, etc., etc. See, it's nothing extremely hard or stressful, I just can't seem to decide which job to tackle first, and then someone calls me up and says "hey, want to float down the river channel tomorrow?". To which I reply, "Yes. Yes I do." Gotta love the end-of-summer rationalization. The ol' "When I'm on my death bed will I be thankful that I painted my house, or that I spent quality time with the friends I love (while sunning myself on an inner tube on the river)?"question. And I am pretty sure I will be glad that I chose the latter. However, there comes a time when one must make the necessary sacrifices and miss out on a bit of fun for the sake of ridding her home of the abomination that is an entire house with white walls. That time, though, just won't be this weekend. Do you see how incoherent this post is? Talk about random tangents and run-on sentences and just meandering ramblings. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I hope to compose myself soon.

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