Monday, August 08, 2005

Friends For Life

The year was 1992. I was in the throes of my pre-pubescent chubby/awkward stage and I came home from the first day of grade 4 to my mom's question, "Are there any new kids at school this year?" I replied, "Yes, there's this one girl named Kristin." My mom told me to invite her over. So I did. I don't remember much about that first time we hung out, but I am guessing that it involved the consumption of popcorn slathered in butter and ranch seasoning (and I wondered why I was chubby and awkward?) and the viewing of "Full House". Kristin and I quickly became best friends and we went on to develop the deepest friendship I have ever know with another person. We went through so much together: we both fell in love with clothes from Northern Reflections ("nice sweater. I like the loon on it" "thanks, I really think the painted image of a lake looks just divine on your turtle neck" "we are so cool, hey?" "yeah, totally cool") and then simultaneously realized that, no, Northern Reflections is not cool, and we need to move onto bigger and better things, like hyper colour t-shirts, plaid vests, and tapered jeans. We endured puberty, awkward first kisses with creepy boyfriends at Bible camp, training bras, and the drama that is high school. But through it all, the bond of friendship remained steadfast and it was strengthened. Kristin has been my kindred spirit, my rock, the person who has stood with me when others refused to, my best friend.
After we graduated from high school, Kristin and I parted ways. I went to Capernwray on Thetis Island and have lived in BC ever since. She moved to Calgary to go to school and is still living in that bustling city. Though our circumstances have changed dramatically in the past five years, we have fostered our friendship and we still talk on the phone often and visit each other a few times a year. I miss her nearness. Although we've grown accustomed to the distance, I miss the times when I could call her up late at night and tell her I'm coming over and we would just sit in her room, with candles glowing, and talk about life, and God, and our dreams. I love you, Pisty.

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