Saturday, August 06, 2005

It's My First Time

You know, this first post is tougher to write than I thought it would be. How does one make her entrance into the world of blogging? Does she do a cheesy explanation of how she came to hear about blogging and how, after she saw all of her friends start writing online, she decided to join their ranks? Or does she just jump right into telling all about the little adventures that her day has held thus far? Or perhaps she should launch into a deep, philosophical discussion about the purpose of mankind? I don't know. it is. My first post. Hopefully the second one will be a tad less awkward.

Amanda Brown at 12:55 PM



at 11:29 AM Blogger christy said...

Welcome virgin blogger to the world in which we BLOG! May your experiences be filled with discovery and many a good comment. Look forward to your new posts.


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