Monday, August 08, 2005

Bums, Bums, Glorious Bums!

Beach bums, that is! The vast majority of our weekend was spent at the lake, in the company of our great friends. How blessed we are to be surrounded by such beauty; beauty in the jade waters of the lake, in the way the sun softly roasts your skin, in the fruit leather that is sweet and sticky on my tongue, and in the smiles of people we have come to know and love. On Satuday our friends Dustin and Christy met us at the lake, with their two adorable kids in tow. We all went out on the boat and had a riot watching Steve and Dustin work their magic on the Sky Ski. Christy and I tried it too, and although we lack the grace of our husbands when it comes to water sports, we make up for it in HOTNESS. And humility.

Steve ripping it up on the wakeboard!

Me and Rolo chilling on the boat.

Amanda Brown at 8:06 PM



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