Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Shrew Has Officially Been Tamed

The Gooey Guts
So, it was Friday night. Woohoo! Let the weekend begin! What exciting adventure do you think I had? Perhaps going out for a nice dinner with the hubby? Then maybe to the theatre or to see a movie? Maybe a nice walk along the beach?
I pitted cherries. 24 LITRES of cherries.

The innocent cherries, moments before I violated their insides and stole their pit-hearts.

As I hunched over my kitchen sink, wearing my poo-brown apron and my baggy pyjama pants and a pair of Birkenstock sandals, I realized that I am officially a housewife. Spending her precious weekend hours squishing the innards out of fruit. :)

It's really not that bad, though. I'm glad to have all the cherries pitted and frozen...frozen cherries are so delicious! As I was pitting, and feeling a tad bored with the monotony of the job, I began thinking that if I was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp, stripped of all freedom and dignity, being able to pit cherries at my own kitchen sink while listening to my favourite music as my husband comes to give me a hug, is something I would give my life to experience.

Well, the Brown' Sweat Shop is closed on weekends, so I'm taking a break. :)

Amanda Brown at 3:32 PM



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