Sunday, August 28, 2005

Meet the Fandamily...

Peeve's rendition of "Blue Steel"
I thought that I would showcase some of my most loyal family. This whole blogging thing is new to them, but they have been faithful at logging onto this little site and reading all about what's going on. I have been blessed with an amazing pair of parents and I love them very much. I also have a younger brother, who is named Steve (yes, it's confusing having a husband and a brother with the same name). To simplify matters, I have given my brother the nickname "Peeve". Creative, I know. I went through a phase when I thought it was funny to change the first letter of everyone's name to 'P'. Hence, my best friend Kristin is now called Pisty. And whenever she gets a boyfriend, I also change the letter of his first name to 'P'. There have been some unfortunate names as a result: namely, "Pad" (sorry, Chad). Yes, I have always been this cool.
Anyways, I digress. I wanted to brag about my wonderful family here on this worldwide forum, and tell everyone in cyber space that my mom and dad and brother are the best a girl could ask for. It's only been in recent years that I have realized all that parents have done for me out of unconditional love, and that hey, my brother actually grew up to be a really cool guy.
Peeve and I used to not get along at all. There were valid reasons for that. Yes, I am guilty of ripping his tooth out when he was chewing on my favorite blankie, and yes, he did throw a dinner plate like a frisbee at my head. But we've worked through those issues, and the scars of childhood have healed. :)

This is Nipper, the dog I grew up with. He is what most would call "special". His eyes are always weeping brown goo, he gets patches of warts that look like swollen cauliflower and he chews them till they're raw and he has to wear a cone (see above photo), and he attacks people if they take an empty plate away from my mom at the couch. We got him ten years ago through an ad in the newspaper, and all I remember is the choking stench he filled the car with on the drive home. He has, however, been a good companion for my mom, and I guess we all did come to love him, the crazy mutt that he is.

This photo was taken this summer when Steve and I were back in Regina celebrating my parent's 25th anniversary. It's always nice to go home and relax and let mom spoil us for a few days. I miss my family very much, but I am so thankful that we keep in great touch on the telephone, and I'm even more grateful that we have the kind of relationship where we WANT to talk to each other a few times a week on the phone. You guys are great and I love you!

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