Friday, September 09, 2005

A Narcissist, A Camera, and A Dream

I have a terrible habit. I take pictures of myself. A lot of pictures of myself. On our computer there is a file folder deemed "self portraits" and it is brimming with photos of me, taken by me. I suppose there are worse vices than vanity. That makes me feel better. Now don't go thinking that I am all conceited and self-absorbed. I think I just like to capture the moments of life, and no one is interested enough in my life to snap pictures of it every few minutes, so that task is left in my hands. Here are some of the self portraits I have taken recently. Enjoy! "I wonder if anyone heard me toot just now."

"Look at me, I'm so deep. Thinking about deep stuff while I look at the ground. I wonder what I should have for dessert tonight."

"The sun is shining and I am happy. Let's make it look like I have an admirer who took this picture of me. C'mon, look admired!"

Amanda Brown at 6:32 PM



at 9:24 PM Blogger Angella said...

I think I need to take your lead. There are a LOT of pics of my boys, but so few of me. The kids will think I always looked like IZ did in those horrible elementary school photos!


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