Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mom and Pop Go to England

Tomorrow my parents leave for their long-awaited trip to England to visit my brother and also to tour the European countryside. Neither of them have ever been to Europe before and I am so happy that they finally get to go on adventure, just the two of them. Growing up our family vacations were modest, to say the least, and we usually spent most of them arguing with each other. I think that if we were to all go on a holiday together now it would be much more enjoyable, as we have finally learned that our family is pretty cool and we actually have a lot of fun together.
Anyways, I just wanted to wish my momma and pappy a safe trip and I hope they have a ball traipsing around with the Brits!
Say hi to the lid'l brudder for me!

Amanda Brown at 2:30 PM



at 2:58 PM Blogger Jen said...

That sounds so nice! I'm so glad they get to go on a big adventure together and see Steve as well. :) I hope my parents can do that some day.


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