Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Working On It

I am feeling better today, though still a little fragile.
I got an email from my mom this morning that made me break down and sob all over my desk. I am just overwhelmed by the love and support that surround me.
I feel as though I am in transition...moving from fear and uncertainty and picturing the worst to trusting God's plans for our baby. In my head I know that worrying accomplishes nothing, and is in fact detrimental to both my physical and emotional health. But it's so hard to find that worry switch in my mind and simply turn it off. I am working on it, though.
And I hereby vow to conduct NO MORE INTERNET RESEARCH on freaky things that make me cry for days.
I want to enjoy each moment of this pregnancy.

Amanda Brown at 9:50 AM



at 10:14 AM Blogger Jen said...

Good girl!

at 10:26 AM Blogger Jules said...

Glad to hear you're giving up the internet research!

You can have either fear, or faith. They are both outlooks to the unknown, and contradict eachother. It's hard to have faith that things will all work out, if you let fear take over.

at 10:33 AM Blogger Lisa said...

That's a good plan. I know the lure of the internet is strong, but remember, they probably aren't telling you all the things that can go RIGHT, it's always the worst case scenario. From the advice you've been posting from the real professionals, it sounds like everything's A-OK so go with it! I'm sure your little girl will be healthy and beautiful and all this worrying will be forgotten the first time you hold her!

at 12:03 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

Nothing profound to say, just that I love you and your beautiful little baby. You're doing a good job being a mom Amanda. A great job.

at 12:05 PM Blogger April said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. I too went through a huge stage of worrying & sleepless nights. It's now just starting to go away. I kept asking myself if it was okay to feel worried about the little one. But what I realized was that it is okay to feel a certain way but then what? What do you do with that emotion? Is it disabling you to walk in faith or to trust in the Lord? My only advise is to not feel guilty for being worried. However, continue to believe in the One who truly does know what's going on inside of you & ask Him for the comfort that only He can give. This is just the beginning of parenting. Oh, how we need Christ!

at 12:24 PM Blogger Will said...

Whenever you want to research something, just visit my blog. It's like talking to a doctor only with more swearing.

at 12:30 PM Blogger Angella said...

I don't think that worrying about your kids ever just have to keep handing them over to God.
I love you & will hold you to your vow!


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