Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Think There's An Axe in My Spinal Cord

How's that for a dramatic title? Yes, I think the stress of the Christmas musical is manifesting itself in the form of a staggering pain in my spine. It's nothing new. When I am tense, I get all gnarled up and hunched over and what not, but still, it's pretty lame. My back hadn't been giving me much trouble lately, but I should have known better than to think myself pain-free for good. It's not as bad as it sounds, just more of a nuisance.
On a happy-dee-dappy note, there has been some serious progress made during the past few rehearsals for the play, so that's encouraging. I think we're going to pull it off (which is something I was doubting a few weeks ago). That usually seems to be the way it goes...everything's going along fine, then you realize that it's going to be a terrible mess, and then somehow things miraculously come together at the last minute.
Tonight is a quieter night, seeing as it's Bible study at my house (aka: incentive for me to clean, clean, clean). Actually, "quiet" may not be the most suitable adjective, since it's a group of eight of my nearest and dearest girlfriends who can be more than a little rowdy. Within minutes we will, no doubt, be talking about boobs and shovelling cookies down our throats.
And studying the Word.
Of course.

Amanda Brown at 3:28 PM



at 4:36 PM Blogger Jen said...

That Bible study sounds fun! Nothing like a good mix of cookies, boobs and the Bible.

Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

at 5:54 PM Blogger Angella said...

MMMMMM...cookies. I can't wait - I've missed too many weeks!

at 6:18 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

Amanda, I've heard from direct sources that things are coming together a lot better and so I am positive that the musicl will be great. Wish I could join in the bible, boobes and cookies...I have bible study tonight too, except I think it's going to be more just bible...not the boobes part as much cause the majority is males. Could be an interesting topic of conversation though!

at 9:31 PM Blogger Isabella said...

So glad to hear things are coming together for you and that your confidence is going up, up, up. I can't wait to hear about the performances and see come pictures of the cuties. Only a few more years until I'll be the mom with the camera coaxing my kids to wave at me as opposed to remembering the words and where they're supposed to be. Ah, you gotta love parents at Christmas time!


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