Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Question Number One. Question.

The Canadian Midwest International Bible Quizzing Champions of 1998.
OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it: I used to be a Bible quizzer.
Many of you may not even know what Bible quizzing is. Basically, it's like Jeopardy, except you get asked specific questions about a certain book of the Bible. And instead of holding a buzzer in your hand, you sit on these special bum pads that light up when you jump off of them. (No, I am not kidding.) The first person to leap off of their bum pad gets to answer the question and get points for their team as well as their personal average.
It's a geek's paradise.
From grade 6 until grade 10, I was a die-hard quizzer. I loved the competition, the trophies, and the social aspect as well. Walking around churches all over Canada trying to pick up guys while wearing my swanky plaid vest and too-tight jeans from the "husky" section of JC Penny. Oh, the memories.
In grade nine I decided that it was time to get serious about quizzing. I set a goal of making it to internationals, and I spent hunderds of hours locked in my room memorizing the book of Matthew, word for word. At the final quiz meet of that year, the top 5 quizzers were announced, and I was one of them! I got to go to internationals in Redding, California. It was a lot of fun, and the competition was fierce. We got fourth place. Not too shabby.
The following year I again dreamed of making it to internationals, and after much work on the books of Romans and James, I made it. This year the competition was in Salt Lake City, Utah. We got first place that year! I was on the team with international champs! It was a great experience, but I decided to quit while at the height of my quizzing career.
I never quizzed again. I left people begging for more. "More!" they would cry. But I refused.
I look back on my quizzing years as a period filled with much nerdiness, but also great memories with friends and learning the Word and growing in my self-confidence. I never did pick up any guys at quiz meets though. Must have been the mushroom cut (see above photo).

Amanda Brown at 5:30 PM



at 8:31 PM Blogger karen said...

I'm pretty sure that I had a haircut somewhat similar to yours at some point in my life... mine was actually called the 'sausage' due to the cylindrical nature of my bangs. awesome.

at 9:08 PM Blogger Jen said...

I think there is no one better to comment on this post then me. A fellow quizzer and a fellow girl with a mushroom cut. lol. Wasn't quizzing so much fun, in the weirdest way possible?!!? Some of my best memories of my adolescence we spent with you at our billet's places, discovering the almost identical make up bags, eating way too much junk food, singing Alanis Morisette songs in church hallways with our own edited lyrics. "He waited his who-o-o-le life, just to take that flight, and as the plane crashed down he though 'well, isn't this nice?'. Isn't it ironic?" And you were the best Amanda, you were the best. The best little quizzer our team ever had. Here's to you. Cheers!

at 6:57 AM Blogger christy said...

Yeah, that haircut is sweet! BUt, I don't know what the heck you're talking about with the pimples. When I saw you last night. I didn't notice a one! Honestly! WHen you wanna see real zits I'll invite you over.

at 7:21 AM Blogger Angella said...

I knew Karen when she had the sausage. And my bangs were the same height as the length of my face. But we all thought we were pretty hot at the time...now we know the truth. We're all hot NOW!

at 7:30 PM Blogger sexy mrs. z said...

oh, amanda. i remember the mushroom cut...it was around the time when i was growing out my permed poodle head.

that pic brought back so many memories for my hubbie! he's like, "that's sherri, and curtis and eldon and steve and tom and judy and nice haircut amanda!" i remember when we had to make social plans around you quizzers studying. i think at that time i was secretly wanting to be a quizzer but was to lazy to do anything about it. ah well. thanks for the memories my friend!


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