Saturday, September 17, 2005


My brother, Stephen, will be leaving for Capernwray Hall in England in a few short weeks. I will not see him again for a very long time, but I wish him well as he heads off on his European adventure. We joke that he is going to come home with a hairy bride. Only time will tell, I suppose. It's been great visiting with him these past few days and I will miss his crazy antics and silly ways. When the two of us are together, we pull out all of the old movie quotes from shows like Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, and Anchorman. We are the only ones who think that's funny. Owell. We share a unique sense of humour that others seem to roll their eyes at. What can ya do?
Here is Steve, riding the bull (Rylie, the burly lab)
The stud-muffin, contemplating his future. He's single, ladies!
I'll miss you, Peeve! Have a wonderful year in England!!

Amanda Brown at 5:03 PM



at 5:56 PM Blogger Jen said...

He does look quite studly, especially in that last picture. Sigh ... If only I were single. ;) Best of luck Steve!

at 8:14 AM Blogger christy said...

I think quotes from those movies are funny too. Why can't all the world appreciate that kind of humour? owell, I'll laugh with you when your studly brother is gone away. He is really cute. I'm sure there will be lots of hairy girls chasing him down at Capernwray Hall. That's where Becky's Travis went to Capes. He LOVED it and so will Peeve. Can i call you Panda?

at 5:44 PM Blogger Adele said...

Why would he come back with a hairy girl from England? What are you trying to say about us Brits eh?


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