Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I've Got Me A...

...and it's growing ev'ry day!
My mom came to visit me at the office today and she brough with her a COSTCO bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. We're talking a good two kilograms of pure sugar. Last time I had a bag that big on the premises, it was devoured in mere hours by the staff and people that dropped in. I don't know much about candy dish etiquette, but as a general rule I thought it was polite to limit yourself to one or two of the morsels in an office candy jar. Usually that's what people do, if there's something like peppermints, or stale jube-jubes. But when there's Jelly Belly jelly out! People start salivating and they dive into the bowl and inhale a few dozen beans in one gulp. Jelly Bellies do weird things to people. Like right now, I'm sitting at my desk, and in the drawer next to me is the half bag of Jelly Bellies that were left after I filled the office dish to overflowing. I'll admit, I had a few of them this afternoon. No biggie. But for the past two hours, those little beans in my desk drawer have been taunting me, begging me to rip open the bag and dump the hundreds of beans down my throat. I have been resisting, though. The beans will not conquer me! I will fight them to the end, and in the name of moderation I will try my best to just have a few every day, as opposed to swallowing an entire kilogram right now. Pray that I keep the faith and stay strong against so vicious an enemy.

Amanda Brown at 2:57 PM



at 3:52 PM Blogger Adele said...

I'll be in tomorrow so make sure you save me some of those delicious, but evil little little things

at 8:41 PM Blogger Angella said...

Don't you know that the 0 calories in Diet Pop cancel out the sugar in the Jelly Bellies?
Feast away!!!!


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