Saturday, September 17, 2005

Family Matters

The Olsen Clan
My family has been here for the past few days and we've been having a lovely visit. Here are some photos from our time so far. I am not going to blog much right now, because they are in my living room, and it doesn't make much sense to write about how much I love them and think they're great while I am avoiding them and locked in the office.

Me and Steve and our spoiled little doggy

Momma and Pappy, posing with the apples.

Amanda Brown at 5:14 PM



at 5:33 PM Blogger Momma said...

Hi, Amanda. I am sitting next to you right now. Just testing to see if my blogger account allows me to comment. Looks like it! Bye.

at 5:55 PM Blogger Jen said...

I'm glad you are having a good time with your family. You are such a great bunch to be around!! Enjoy the rest of your visit.


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