Monday, September 19, 2005

The Choice is Mine

It's amazing that we as humans have the capacity to choose how we will react to the situations that arise in our lives. Quite often I feel like I have instantaneous reactions to the things that happen to me: someone says something that makes me doubt my ability in a certain area and I am immediately plagued with self-depracating thoughts and negativity. Or I find myself in a challenging situation and it's easier to bemoan the obstacles than to rise to the occasion and push myself to accomplish something greater than I have before.
But I get to decide. I have been given the choice. I can look at things and say, "I get to..." instead of, "I have to...wa,wa,wa,wa...poor me...I found a new dimple of cellulite on my thigh and my universe has collapsed."
I had a little victory today, though. I went on the elliptical trainer this afternoon and managed to work out for 15 minutes! Better than the painful five minutes I wrote about a few weeks back. I chose to push myself. I decided I was going to do it, and I did. Sure, I wanted to throw up and run for cover with a bag of oreos after the four minute mark, but I kept going. And that feels good.

Amanda Brown at 5:06 PM



at 6:40 PM Blogger Stephanie said...

Amanda, I am so proud...honestly. That elliptical trainer is a beast. Moreover though, I understand the importance of the opportunity "to get to" do something. It's a great reminder for us all! Hope you had fun with your family.

at 6:44 PM Blogger Jen said...

Way to go Amanda! It's so hard to push yourself when all you want to do is stop. It will get easier!

at 7:24 PM Blogger karen said...

Good for you! Such a great reminder too, of how easy it is to "have to" do things, but how much better it is for us to "get to".

at 10:56 AM Blogger sexy mrs. z said...

way to go mango! that mentality of "i get to" is tough to achieve but good for you. you did it. i totally struggle with the "i get to...i have to" attitude also.

i'm so glad you had a blast with your family. say hi to them for me!

love ya, maga


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