Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now We're Really Lost

A few months ago we borrowed season one of LOST on DVD from Angella. We were hooked. We would watch four episodes in one sitting, fighting the need to sleep. When we ran out of discs we lamented the fact that we'd have to wait until the summer to catch season two on DVD. Then something great happened...our friends broke the law and pirated the first 12 episodes of season two off of the internet. And then they put them onto our computer for us.
Really, what choice did we have but to watch them?
So, watch them we did.
We just finished the twelfth episode last night and we're now wondering where we're going to get our next fix.
It's funny how I willingly enjoy the fruits of theft.
It reminds me of being in grade school when this guy I knew named Efren would fill his duffel bag with stolen chocolate bars from the Esso. Then he would distribute his loot to all of his friends. Did I stand up to him and say, "I refuse to partake of these stolen goods!"
I took my Snickers bar and ran.
Terrible, I know. Somehow stealing seems so much worse than merely reaping the benefits of someone else stealing.

Amanda Brown at 1:45 PM



at 2:05 PM Blogger Jen said...


That reminds me of a girl in elementary school. She'd always steal things from Zellers so us girls would put in our orders and she would go steal it for us. It's not bad if you aren't the one doing it, right?? ;)

at 2:06 PM Blogger Angella said...

We got caught up on Season 2 last night...so we can watch the NEW one tomorrow :)
Hee hee hee

at 4:31 PM Blogger geeksters said...

Justifiable theft, huh?

I don't think it's really stealing if it's TV. If you could have taped it legally when it was on air, it can't be that bad to download it. And downloading isn't illegal in our country yet (or if it is now, I missed that copy of the newspaper.)

at 5:30 PM Blogger Kaili said...

Did your friends make copies for you?
Robin would love it if we could borrow it, is that possible?
Sweet! Hehe!

at 12:16 PM Blogger Will said...

it's only stealing if you get caught and it's not like you posted the fact that you stole on the internets or nothing...oh wait.

at 7:37 PM Blogger Danica said...

Lol! I was about to e-mail my dad and see if he just happened to have it on his computer, and if he just happened to want to share. I watched all of season one in about one week. It's awesome!


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