Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I am a snot machine. I was hoping that my sore throat would clear up and that I wouldn't have to face the brutality of a head cold. But, there was just no escaping it. For the past few days I have been so congested and feeling awful. It's hard when you have a job that requires talking on the phone to people. Through the mucous that muddles my words I choke out, "Huddo. Subberlad Babdisd Church. How can I helb you?"
Good times.

Amanda Brown at 2:55 PM



at 2:59 PM Blogger Jen said...

Get well soon Amanda!

at 2:11 PM Anonymous Josh (jdthom@hotmail.com) said...

Just to be certain it wasn't some bizarre religious cult, I googled a typoed "babdisd" where "baptist" should have been spelled and happened upon one solitary hit in all cyberspace: your page. :o) Hope you are feeling better now. As the voice of a Presbyterian Church (but son of a Baptist minister), I feel your pain. Maybe the "great physician" can prescribe something for you. ;o)

at 2:13 PM Anonymous Josh (jdthom@hotmail.com) said...

I just noticed your post was from 2005. If you aren't feeling better by now, they you are dead...and probably feeling better any way. :o) And you posted on my birthday! Creepy that I stumbled upon this. Hope you are still alive as I want to hear more about your life at "Subberlad Babdisd Church".


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