Monday, October 03, 2005

Across the Pond

I just happened to come across this gem of a photograph and thought it suitable to post it in honour of my little brother who has flown across the pond to spend a year in England. This is one of the more rare pictures from our childhood where we actually look happy to be standing near each other. My brother looks all cute and little in his tiny red cardigan and iddy biddy tie. I look like a polka dot giant, complete with feathered bangs, huge gaps between my teeth, and the shadow of little chubby boobies under my pink satin dress. The scary thing is that I hand-picked this fabric and dress pattern and my Oma sewed it for me. You can't see it, but there's also a HUGE lacey bow on the butt of the dress. What was I thinking?
Now my mom and dad are officially empty nesters. I know it's going to be strange for a while as they adjust to the newfound silence in the house, and the way that things will stay neat and tidy. Mom and Dad, you have done such a great job raising us and I hope that the years ahead will be ones that will allow you to relax and enjoy your freedom. You deserve it. Go and take the Volvo for a joyride and stay out past eight o'clock one night. Let the mid-life crises begin! :)

Amanda Brown at 5:39 PM



at 6:02 PM Blogger Jen said...

You look hot!!

at 10:16 PM Blogger Lindsay said...

i love that your blogging, have a good one!!!

at 9:10 AM Blogger sexy mrs. z said...

that's a foxy pic! almost as good as your mosquito face pic... ;)

at 12:31 PM Blogger Angella said...

I had a VERY similar dress, though not handmade. And it was an aqua blue, with a touch of pink, and some black polka dots.
I remember being VERY excited to wear it to school.


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