Friday, September 30, 2005

Sedentary Lifestyle= Weight Loss?

Do you want to hear something absurd? When I exercise vigorously and consistently, I gain weight. And not muscle weight. We're talking good ol' fashioned junk-in-the-trunk weight. Whenever I decide to become really committed to an exercise program, like a long distance running regime, I end up packing on the pounds and it's beyond frustrating. The whole reason I try to exercise is to get rid of the faithful jiggle in my jaunt. I know, I know, I should exercise for the sheer thrill of it, the delightful sensation of my lungs collapsing, and the delicious burn in my muscles from lifting dumbells. But by nature, I am not an athlete, and don't find enjoyment in extreme exertion. I love walking with a friend, or rollerblading along a boardwalk by the beach, or riding a bike on a nice smooth, flat surface, and that's about where it ends.
I think the reason I gain weight when I am on an exercise kick is that I stop listening to my body as closely. When those late afternoon munchies hit, I say to myself, "Well, you can have a few dozen cookies, because you went for a run this morning." Yeah, see the run probably burned a mere 200 calories and I jusy consumed 1800. You do the math. It's a bad scene.
But, when I am not exercising, I am much more cautious about the amount of food that goes into my mouth because I know I won't be burning it off. This summer I started a running program and I was putting in about 40 kms a week. I was proud of how I was pushing myself and it was nice to see the improvement in my cardio ability. For 2 grueling months I roused at 6:00 am to jog around my hilly beighbourhood, and do you think I lost an ounce? No sir. The scale did not budge.
So I quit. (There's that Olsen perseverance!)
And in the 2 months since I hung up my runners, I have lost nine pounds.
Is this some kind of cruel joke? I guess if I just keep on not exercising I will eventually reach my goal weight. Now that's a program I can stick with!

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at 4:16 PM Blogger Jen said...

Isn't it funny how that happens? Whatever works for you, I say.
By the way, 40 km a week!! Holy Moly! I'm proud of you, even though you did end up quitting. hahah. :)

at 6:29 PM Blogger sexy mrs. z said...

that's incredible. amazing actually. way to not stick to it, i guess. i wish i could say the same phenomenon affects me. NOPE! but wow, 40 km a week. how did you do it? you must try to ease into an active lifestyle...what's wrong with rollerblading and biking? both great exercises, and just do what your doing. watching the amounts you feed yourself. ahh, your beautiful no matter what!


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